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It is well-known fact that diversity in payment options leads to high conversion rate and revenue, which is why Magua Pay payment solutions contain everything, which is needed to successful work. In the terms of credit card processing we provide our merchants with possiblity to accept all major credit cards along with cards, which are not globally widespread but very common in certain countries and regions.

Possibility to accept other payment options than credit cards hugely increase merchant’s income, because nowadays convenience of payment methods straightly leads to increase of satisfied customers. Magua Pay provides its merchant with the diversity of payment methods that are must-have. We are constantly working on adding new useful payment options to make our merchants competitive and prosperous.

Credit Card Processing

Among supported major credit cards are Visa, MasterCard, JCB. Moreover, our acquirers from around the world give merchants possibility to accept Carte Bleue (France). These advantages give opportunity to focus on exact countries and be sure that customers will pay with the most convenient payment method. Magua Pay constantly negotiates with other local payment systems allowing merchants to discover new markets.

Instant Bank Transfers

In Europe our payment solution maintains Online Bank Transfers payment options. It allows customers to pay instantly from any bank account and the payment goes in real time. This payment method is very convenient and cannot be chargebacked. Your customers who have account in European bank can simply pay using this feature. It is enough just to enter the number of account and amount to pay. The main advantage of such method is the fact payments are passing real-time.